Beyond KIPP – A Firefighter’s Journey

Kevin Gonzales, KIPP King Alum & Cal East Bay student I am firefighter, and I’m proud to be pursuing a career that helps people. That is what drives me: helping people and their gratitude....

COVID-19 is still here. So are we.

Melissa Salgado, Director of Advocacy & Community Engagement COVID-19 has upended so many aspects of our everyday lives. Everything from going to school to going to the grocery store is a markedly different experience...

Distance Learning—It Takes A Team

Joon Kim, KIPP Heritage math teacher My name is Joon Kim, and I teach for my grandfather, a teacher himself, who taught me to learn. He taught high school mathematics for his entire career,...

Lifting KIPP School Spirit…Digitally.

Although teachers and students alike were not necessarily surprised by the announcement, there was no way we could have been fully prepared for what this would mean for our school community.

Bayview Sisters Credit KIPP Academy For Their Success

Sun Reporter, San Francisco – Bayview DistrictPublished on October 17, 2019 Lanna Anderson and her sister Aaron Ruth Tanner learned a part of their resiliency while growing up in Alice Griffith, which was one...

KIPP Summit tales of terror!

October is the month of Halloween! The time for tricks & treats! The month of scary, spooky, and terrifying tales! Ms. Abigail Cadelina asked her 6th grade writing class at KIPP Summit Academy to...


Dreams for My Bayview Students

I have found my home here in the Bayview. While this historically significant neighborhood is under siege due to gentrification and the pressure of skyrocketing rents, the students I see every day at KIPP SF College Prep inspire me with their love, support, and dedication to learning.

A KIPP high school will give more kids like me a chance to succeed

I could tell that something was different at KIPP Excelencia from the moment I arrived. Not only did the teachers believe in the academic potential of every student, but they also created a culture of love and support that made it unique.